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I am Jillian, the owner and creater of MiaLily Maille.

Welcome to my chainmaille jewellery and accessories shop.

Named after my beautiful daughter Mia and my darling black kitty, Lily.
My passion and interest in the ancient art of maille, began at an early age. As a child growing up in the UK surrounded by history, medieval castles and churches (my dad was even caretaker of a castle ruins and its grounds, for a time)

I became fascinated with the amazing looking plate armour and (chain) maille.

Seeing the monumental brasses and stone knight effigies in ancient, atmospheric churches, clad in their maille was brilliant!

I have always had a love for for ancient Celtic & Viking Jewellery, which influences my creations, as well a my teenage punk and goth years and now my passion for 'metal' music and its aesthetic.

Years later, in my 20's and 30's I became active in the Australian, medieval reenactment scene, where I learnt to actually construct my own shirt or 'Hauberk' of maille for participation in sword fights. One ring at a time, both time consuming and addictive.

Years later I discovered through a jeweller friend, that this same process could be used to create amazing jewellery! I found supplies and began to teach myself how to create pieces that people love. I have been doing this now since 2014. 

Australian made chainmaille jewellery and accessories to 'Unleash Your Inner Warrior'

I am excited to welcome you to my online shop :)

I truly love what I do and hope you will too!

Thank you for visiting.

Jillian Davies

MiaLily Maille