'Fenris Armoured'  Mjolnir  Necklace

This highly detailed, wolfs head Mjolnir or Thors Hammer pairs so well with the two chainmaille weaves I have used on this choker necklace, that it has now become my everyday wear, meaning I have one left to make for some lucky recipient.

The majority of the chain has been meticulously constructed using hundreds of small jumprings, in an historically accurate, 'two in two' weave chain, which joins to a small section of 'Full Persian' weave. This in turn is attached to a small section of curb chain, which threads through the top of the Mjolnir.

The wolf head pendant has a nice weight to it and is hollowed out at the back, so it wont drag on your neck and sits nice and flush against the wearer's skin.

A 15 mm lobster clasp, ensures this necklace will stay on securely.

The entire piece is stainless steel, making it durable, tarnish free and hypoallergenic.

*The price listed here is for a choker length necklace up to 42 cms, please ensure this is the correct length for you, if not I will be happy to send you a quote for your desired length.

This a piece of unisex jewellery that you will be proud to own for many years to come.

*Postage with tracking or registered mail, is highly recommended with this piece.



Length   42 cms (Of entire chain) 

Length     4 cms  (Of Mjolnir)

Depth    1.3 cms  (Of wolf head)

Width    1.8 cms  (Of Persian weave)

Width       5 mms (Of two in two weave)

'Fenris Armoured' Mjolnir Necklace