'Eternal Knot'  Necklace

This is a simply stunning and classic design, which features a 'Mobius' or 'Eternity Knot' which floats on a shiny stainless steel, ready made chain.

The focal 'Knot' itself is created by weaving five, solid 2 mm by 15 mm, stainless steel rings into each other, to create the necklace focal.

As this necklace is all stainless steel, it will never rust or tarnish and is great for sensitive skin.

Perfect as a short, medium or longer length necklace, the choice is your personal preference when ordering.




Length  ' Made to Order'

Width     3 mms   (Of chain)

Length    2  cms   (Of pendant)

Width       2 cms    (Of pendant)


'Eternal Knot' Necklace