'Chained Heart'  Crystal Earrings

These earrings are a stunning, longer length and eye-catching design.

Featuring genuine Swarovski crystal hearts in gorgeous 'Heliotrope' purple.

Catching the the light and sparkling in tones of, rich purple, mauve, pinks and blues, as they float inside their shiny hoops, painstakingly attached with tiny jumprings and links of even tinier chain.

Each earring is completed with seven cascading, tiny handcut chains, creating a slinky and fluid effect.

The earrings are all shiny, tarnish free stainless steel and are finished with hypoallergenic, stainless steel earwires.

Despite their length, these earrings are suprising light and extremely comfortable for hours of wear.

*The display bust is not to scale and is smaller than a real human head.



Length    9 cms  (From top of earwire, to longest chain end)

Width   2.5 cms  (Of hoop)


'Chained Heart' Crystal Earrings