'Dangerously Cool'  Wallet Chain

This wallet chain is a thing of beauty and strength.

Painstakingly created, using hundreds of 16 gauge jump rings connected together in the sturdy and slinky 'Box' chainmaille weave, this chain will stand the test of time.

The highly polished razor blade pendant adds extra edge and interest to this versatile chain.

The pendant and chain ends are each connected with three rings, to the extra heavy duty, larger, jump rings for strength as well as aesthetics.

One end of the chain has a secure, self locking clasp and the other end has a smooth polished, high quality split ring.

Attach one end to your belt loop and the other to your wallet, or simply wear it as an adornment. 

This entire piece is made with hypoallergenic, tarnish free and super shiny stainless steel.

*This eye catching piece can also double as one badass necklace.

*Please message me if you would prefer a longer or shorter chain and I shall be happy to give you a quote. 



Length     47cms  (Total including clasps)

Width          1 cm   (Of chainmaille)

Length       3 cms  (Self locking clasp)

Length    2.5 cms  (Split ring)

Length       4 cms  (Razor pendant)

Width      2.3 cms  (Razor pendant)


'Dangerously Cool' Wallet Chain