'Dragon Torc'  Bracelet - Copper

This is the copper version of my popular, aluminium 'DragonTorc' bracelet.

Constructed using the chunky and sturdy box chainmaille weave, with 16 gauge, copper jump rings. 

The ends are securely glued into their highly detailed and shiny copper tone, metal alloy dragon heads, making this one eye catching piece of jewellery.

The copper will tarnish with wear, but can be bought back to a high shine, simply using tomato ketchup, then a good soapy wash and rinse.

*Copper is not hypoallergenic and may turn some skin green. 

Copper has a nice, subtle weight to it, whist still feeling comfortable on.

*This bracelet will fit a 15 to 16 cm wrist, snugly.



Length      19 cms  (Of entire bracelet)

Width           7mms (Of bracelet)       
Depth        1.8 cms  (Of dragon heads)

Length      2.5 cms  (Of dragon heads)

Diameter  2.5 cms  (Of ring clasp))





'Dragon Torc' Bracelet - Copper