'Fantasy'  Lace Up Collar

This extra wide, lace up collar is a stunning, must have for those who love their jewellery bold, eye catching and unique.

Painstakingly weaved, with over 700 shiny aluminium rings, opened and closed by hand in the classic, European 4 in 1 armour weave.

Completed with a vegan friendly, fray resistant 'suede' cord  and finished with a secure, stainless steel lobster clasp. 

The addition of the clasp, means you will not need to re thread the cord to put your choker on.

The cord is fully adjustable and easily removed and re threaded if you wish to clean your choker.

Though a substantial sized piece, it is still light weight and very comfortable for hours of wear.

* Due to the nature of this piece, it can be adjusted to fit most neck sizes, however, if you are unsure or require a custom order, please contact me with any enquiries.

*Also available with a black satin ribbon in place of the cord.

*Please allow two to three weeks for this custom piece to be completed and shipped out to you.



Length  34 cms  (As tight as will tie up)

Length  42 cms  (With cord as long as it will go)

Width   4.5 cms

'Fantasy' Lace Up Collar