'Skoll Chasing The Sun'  Bracelet

This super chunky 'Ouroboros' style bracelet is a piece you will be proud to own.

The heft of it makes it perfect for men as well as women.

Featuring a beautifully detailed wolf head, grasping a large, heavy gauge ring between his teeth, like he is chasing his own tail. The chainmaille weave I have used is 'Box weave' which compliments the wolf perfectly, as it is bold and strong.

The wolf head is solid, except for the neck, which is where the chainmaille is securely glued inside.

The underside of the wolf head is shiny and smooth, sitting comfortably against your skin.

A lobster clasp ensures the bracelet is secure, on this wholly stainless steel piece of jewellery.

Hypoallergenic, tarnish free and tough.

The bracelet will move around on your wrist as the weight of the wolf pulls it around, the tighter the fit, the less it will move.

The smaller bracelet in the photos is my 'Petite Dragon' Bracelet.

*The measurements below are for the bracelet I currently have in stock, which will be altered to your size, lengths longer than 22 cms may incur an extra charge, I will be more than happy to give you a quote.

*Please message me if you require an extender chain.

*Please allow an extra  2-3 cms length on top of your actual wrist measurement.    



Length   21 cms (Of entire bracelet in stock)

Width       1 cm   (Of bracelet)

Width   1.5 cms  (Widest part of wolf head)

Depth   1.5 cms  (Of wolf head)

'Skoll Chasing The Sun' Bracelet