'Fenrir Wolf'  Mjolnir Necklace

This is a finely detailed Mjolnir or Thors hammer, featuring an open mouthed wolf head with knotwork on the classically shaped 'hammer'

The back of the pendant is hollow, so it is not too weighty to be uncomfortable, yet still has a nice, subtle weight and a quality feel to it.

A strong and thicker link cable chain is threaded through the top of the wolf head and this necklace closes securely anywhere along the chain that you choose, with a strong 15 mm lobster clasp.

This entire piece is constructed with super shiny, stainless steel, which has the look of antique silver, yet will never tarnish, is allergy free and incredibly strong for years of wear.

*Please let me know if you prefer a  different length of chain when ordering.



Length  50 cms (Of entire chain, including 15 mm clasp)

Width       5 mm  (Of chain)

Length    4 cms  (Of Mjolnir)

Width      3 cms  (Widest point at base of hammer)

'Fenrir Wolf' Mjolnir Necklace

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