'Nordic Mjolnir'  Byzantine Necklace

I love this smaller 'Mjolnir' or 'Thor's Hammer' pendant, in fact I wear mine every day.

It features the same design we saw at the Viking Ship museum in Norway. 

The pendant is solid stainless steel and is highly detailed on both sides, with a front and back design.

I create this chain, using hundreds of small, stainless steel, jumprings in the classic 'Byzantine' chainmaille weave. The handcrafted chain is then attached to a small section of ready made chain, which threads through the top of the pendant. 

The necklace ends with an extender chain and is finished with a tiny, stainless steel eternity knot and closes with a secure, stainless steel lobster clasp.  

This necklace is incredibly labour intensive so please allow two weeks for your custom piece to be created for you. 

The price above is for the measurements listed below, please read them carefully, as longer lengths of the Byzantine weave will need to be charged as extra. A quote will be given to you upon request of your desired length

*It can also be made shorter if required.

*Please specify if you would prefer the clasp on the left or right.

*This piece can not be rushed, so please allow plenty of time for me to complete it for you.



Length   40 cms  (Of entire chain and extender chain)

Width      5 mms  (Of Byzantine chain)

Length    3 cms   (Of Mjolnir pendant)

Width      2 cms   (Widest point of hammer)

Width      2 cms   (Of Mjolnir pendant)


'Nordic Mjolnir' Byzantine Necklace