I love this 'Mjolnir' or 'Thors Hammer' pendant, in fact I wear mine every day!

It features the same design I saw at the Viking ship museum in Norway. 

The pendant is solid stainless steel and is highly detailed on both sides, with a front and back design.

It has a heavy, solid look to it, but is quite lightweight, making it a very comfortable pendant for 24 hour wear.

Featuring a painstakingly, dense, handcrafted, all stainless steel, Byzantine chain using 100's of 5 mm rings.

The chain is attached to a small section of ready made chain, which threads through the top of the pendant. 

The necklace ends with an extender chain and is finished with a tiny, stainless steel eternity knot and closes with a secure, stainless steel lobster clasp. 

This necklace is incredibly labour intensive so please allow at least one to two weeks for a custom piece.

If this 'in stock' piece is not your correct size Then you will need a custom order, or a longer extender chain. (there is no extra charge for a longer extender chain)

*It can also be made shorter if required.

*Please specify if you would prefer the clasp on the left or right.

*Extra cms of Byzantine weave required, longer than the measurements below, will be charged at approximately $5 per extra cm.

*This piece can not be rushed, so please allow plenty of time for me to complete it for you.



Length   40 cms  (Of entire chain and extender chain)

Width      5 mms  (Of Byzantine chain)

Length    3 cms   (Of Mjolnir pendant)

Width      2 cms  (Widest point of hammer)

Width      2 cms   (Of Mjolnir pendant)


'Petite Mjolnir' Byzantine Necklace

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