'Spiked Mobius'  Earrings

These super cool earrings are a take on the classic chainmaille 'Mobius' knot with the added edge of an arrow spike.

Five larger sized rings are interwoven to create the knot, with smaller rings used to attach the spike and earwires.

They are made using all stainless steel components, making them tarnish free and gentle on the ears for hours of comfortable wear.

With your choice of standard earwires (first two pictures) or for a more dramatic look, you can select the longer line marquise earwires (last two pictures)

*If your ears are particularly sensitive, then I recommend choosing the standard hooks.

*The display bust is not to scale, it is smaller than a real head.



Length   5.3 cms  (From top of earwire)

Width        2 cms  (Approx)

Length      8 cms  (From top of marquise hook)

Width        2 cms  (Approx)

'Spiked Mobius' Earrings