'Nordic Mjolnir'  Handcrafted Chain Necklace

I love this smaller 'Mjolnir' or 'Thor's Hammer' pendant.

It features the same design that we saw at the 'Viking Ship' museum in Norway. 

The pendant is solid stainless steel and is highly detailed on both sides.

It is not a heavy pendant, making it a comfortable piece to wear every day.

Featuring a handcrafted, all stainless steel, two in two chain, (historically accurate) using tiny 5 mm rings, attached to a small section of ready made chain, threaded through the top of the pendant and finished with a secure, stainless steel lobster clasp.

This necklace has the look of antique silver, but it is super strong and will never tarnish and is safe for sensitive skin.

This is a very labour intensive piece made with hundreds of tiny rings so it cannot be rushed.

*Please allow at least two weeks for me to create your custom necklace, plus extra time for shipping.

*longer lengths required than below will need to be price adjusted before payment, please message me and I will be happy to send you a quote.



Length  40 cms  (Made To Order) 

Width      5 mms (Of two in two chain)

Length    3 cms  (Of Mjolnir pendant)

Width      2 cms  (Of Mjolnir pendant)


'Nordic Mjolnir' Handcrafted Chain Necklace