'Skane Style Mjolnir'  Handcrafted Chain Necklace

This is an epic, quality replica of a 'Mjolnir' or Thors Hammer, from around the 10th century, found in Skane 'Scania' southern Sweden. This version is highly detailed and double sided, stainless steel.

The authentic look of this pendant is complimented perfectly with my handcrafted, historically accurate, two in two, stainless steel chain.

Labour intensive, strong and suitable for 24/7 wear.

A small section of ready made chain is threaded through the top of the pendant and is securely attached to the handcrafted chain, which is finished with a sturdy, stainless steel lobster clasp.

This style is a perfect unisex piece to proudly show your Heathen pride.

*This piece is suitable as a choker or longer line necklace, if a longer necklace is required, than below, please contact me and I will be happy to send you a quote on the final cost.

*Please allow at least three weeks for me to complete then post out, your custom order.



Length   40 cms  (Of entire chain)

Width        5 mms (Of chain)

Length   3.5 cms  (Of Mjolnir)

Width         3 cms  (Widest point of Mjolnir)

Depth        5 mms  (Widest part of Mjolnir)




'Skane Style Mjolnir' Handcrafted Chain Necklace