'Warrior Unleashed'  Earrings

These longsword earrings are shoulder dusting, badass and a must have for lovers of medieval style weaponry, fantasy and 'Lord Of The Rings' aesthetics.

Featuring nicely detailed, metal alloy, silver tone swords, attached with 16 gauge jumprings to lockable, kidney earwires for security. 

The earwires and jumprings are stainless steel, ensuring comfortable wear for even the most sensitive of ears. There is a subtle weight to these earrings, yet they will not drag down on your earlobes.

*The swords may dull with time and may bend or snap if treated roughly, that is the nature of softer metal alloys, but with care, they should give you years of wear.



Length  10.6 cms (from top of earwire)

Width      2.3 cms  (cross guard of sword)

Width         4 mms (of blade and grip)


'Warrior Unleashed' Earrings